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Women's March Florida is a self sustaining Not for Profit organization funded only by the generosity of donations by our community.

Our Principles and Values:
Healthcare and Reproductive Rights - We fully support safe and accessible healthcare for all regardless of insurance, economic or citizen status. This includes a woman’s right to legal abortions, affordable birth control, and emergency contraception.

Environmental Protection - We promote environmental sustainability and believe that climate change is real. We pledge to protect and sustain the land, air, water, and creatures that share the Earth with us.

Education - We believe that education is a public good and that all students, of all ages and backgrounds, deserve the opportunity to receive safe, affordable, quality education from the earliest stages of schooling through college.

Racial Justice - We support political, social, legal, economic and educational equality and access for all races and pledge to dismantle systemic racism and racist violence that threatens the lives and opportunities of black and brown people living in the US today.

Immigration Reform - We believe in fair and equitable treatment for all immigrants. We advocate for a more just and modern immigration system that honors and maintains the way immigration strengthens US communities, economy and families.

LGBTQIA+ Justice - We are committed to fighting injustice, discrimination and hate based on sexual orientation and gender and pledge to develop LGBTQIA+ civil rights in all areas. including employment, housing, medical care, adoption, and marriage.

Economic Justice - We advocate for each individual to have an equal chance at a dignified, productive and creative life beyond economics and are committed to fighting for a range of economic justice issues from ending poverty to demanding equal pay for equal work.

Gun Control and Criminal Justice - We believe that criminal justice is intimately connected to social justice. We support renewed gun control measures and a publicly funded system of transformative and restorative justice based on non-violence prevention, healing, and social justice.

Our Goals:
Pressuring lawmakers to improve Florida and it's communities with respect to the above issues.

Raising awareness about our Policy Platform as applied to Florida

Mobilizing grassroots supporters and activists to engage within local organizations and government

Connecting and amplifying the voices of vulnerable communities for leadership and collaboration within our communities

Supporting and engaging candidates that fully encompass, embolden, and embody the values of Women's March Florida and the vulnerable communities therein

Continuing a mission of love and positive issue based changed rather than one of hate and vitriolic fear mongering.

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Please note that contributions to the Women's March Florida are not tax-deductible.

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